Green Coffee: Benefits for Beauty and Health

You’ve never heard of green coffee? Keep reading! It has some incredible properties: it helps lose weight, inhibits oxidation, and strengthens both hair and nails. What are other benefits of green coffee for health and beauty?

First, we need to explain what green coffee actually is. In spite of appearances, it isn’t a variety of coffee. It is simply coffee which is not roasted. This is what the beautiful green color and amazing ingredients come from. See the useful facts below.

Properties of green coffee

Chlorogenic acid is the thing that makes green coffee different from the coffee we all know. This acid cannot be found in roasted beans because it is sensitive to heat, and this very ingredient gives it all wonderful properties! It isn’t the only powerful component, though.

Green coffee beans are also the source of dozens of nutrients like polyphenols, caffeine, vitamins (B1, B2, B12, folic acid and pantothenic acid), and precious mineral salts (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorus). Green coffee is definitely one of the substances richest in nutritional ingredients.

What does green coffee do?

The key green-coffee facts are:

  • it is a powerful antioxidant fighting free radicals
  • it delays aging process and appearance of wrinkles
  • it nourishes, revitalizes, and strengthens hair and nails
  • it helps lose weight because it stimulates metabolism
  • it brings health and beauty benefits

Green coffee vs weight loss

Unsurprisingly, the best known fact about green coffee is its slimming effect. It was first mentioned many years ago but the topic is getting hot right now.

It turns out that green coffee reduces the number of monosaccharides in the body. In this simple way, it forces the body to use the fat tissue supplies for what is really necessary. This translates to burning fat fast and losing extra pounds.

Green coffee: how to make the most of it?

You can buy green coffee beans and grind them before use, get ground green coffee or try a supplement. The choice is up to you.

There’s a question, though. Can I use it both internally and externally? The answer is simple!

  • For internal use: green coffee works just like roasted coffee but you should know it has less intense taste and aroma, plus it’s slightly sour and more tea-like.
  • For external use: feel free to use ground green coffee as addition to hair or face mask to keep them healthy and smooth by delivering essential nutrients.

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