Best oil for hair – how to find it ?

The best hair oil – does it exist? How to find it? What rules to follow? What are the main features of a good oil? We advise you on what to do to ensure that the purchase of cosmetic oil is always correct. It turns out that it is not complicated if you remember a few simple rules.

Best hair oil –  buyer’s vademecum 

A few uncomplicated guidelines can shed new light on hair care and make the hair get the best you can give them – a perfectly matched cosmetic.

Here are the rules that can determine the best oil

1. The best hair oil – all-natural and cold-pressed – only such a type of oil is able to retain its valuable beautifying and regenerating properties. Refined oils are stripped of the vitamin and mineral content as well as other components necessary for maintaining proper health.

2. The best hair oil is virgin – pure, unpolluted, deprived of silicones and parabens, fully natural and originating from the purest regions of the Earth. Only such oils have a chance to fully care for hair and scalp.

3. The best hair oil matches hair porosity – the level of how high the scales are lifted, or to make it more simple: the type and condition of the hair. The more damaged, dry and brittle hair, the higher the porosity. Thick and difficult to style hair with excessive sebum secretion is considered high porosity, whilst low porosity hair has tightly closed pores which resist moisture and tends to create protein-sensitivity. All the hair types which take a little bit of each of the description can be called medium porosity. Therefore, oils can ideally fit their molecules to the “size” of a given hair cuticle.

4. The best oil is suitable for applying it to the scalp as well – apart from taking care of this part of the body, it also strengthens and reinforces bulbs which results in increased hair growth and inhibited hair loss.

5. The best hair oil does not have to be on its own – it is always a good idea to consign your hair to a blend of oils (of course, all of them must match the same hair porosity). Such blend should contain the properties of only top-quality oils. Before you decide to mix oils on your own, remember that the key to success is to combine them in the right proportions – it is better to leave the knowledge about the fatty acids contained in them to the experts.

Thanks to the knowledge of the above-listed 5 principles will make the purchased oil bring satisfaction with great effects.