Hair elixir of youth – natural Argan oil 

All beneficial properties of Argan oil have been discovered in Antiquity. Only later, we have learnt where they come from. Cold-pressed Argan oil contains more E vitamin than olive oil, which means that it is a much better antioxidant. Check out what you did not know about this inconceivable elixir of youth.

Where do we take Argan oil from? It is obtained through the process of cold-pressing the fruit from the argan trees – Argania spinosa. They grow in the south-west regions of Morocco. It is definitely considered the most popular oil at the moment. Depending on the method of extraction, it can be darker (for culinary purposes) or light (for cosmetic purposes). The fact that cold-pressed Argan oil is perfect for hair and skin care springs from its composition.

What does Argan oil include? First of all, there are omega-6 and omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids. They are capable of reinforcing natural hydro-lipid layer of human skin. As it has been mentioned before, Argan oil is the source of E vitamin that has strong antioxidant properties. Additionally, there are also carotenoids, squalane, and many other nutrients. Such a composition of precious substances means only one thing – effective care.

How does Argan oil work? It worth mentioning that it can be used for both hair and skin care. It is a multifunctional, natural ingredient of many ready-made cosmetics but it also works great when used on its own. It provides anti-inflammatory action, soothes irritations, moisturises indirectly, regenerates, protects against harmful factors. Argan oil is extremely beneficial in hair care because:

– it prevents hair ends from splitting

– it protects from high temperature

– it reduces frizz

What hair type will benefit from it the most? Argan oil is the best support for unruly, damaged and ageing hair. It can be applied when struggling with breakage and split ends as a reinforcing treatment. The substance is a versatile product that it can be found in cosmetics dedicated to various hair types. The key is to combine it with other, porosity-matched oils.