Lash lift and lamination kits – ranking of the best products

Long, subtly curled, and lifted eyelashes are the dream of many women. Thwy can bring out the greatest beauty and depth from the eyes. Wanting to make them look this way, you can try the lash lift and lamination. Special kits will help with this task. To choose the best one for yourself, it is worth looking through the following ranking. 

the best lash lift kit

What are eyelash lift and lamination?

The lash lift and lamination are terms that may not say much to people who are not interested in the beauty industry. However, women have been using these treatments for years. What is a lash lift? The method involves lifting the natural lashes to make them curlier and emphasize the eyes much better.

What does eyelash lamination consist of? This treatment has a greater effect on the eyelashes. All because of the keratin used in the process. Thanks to it, it is possible to nourish, thicken, as well as fill in the gaps in the structure of the hairs that form the eyelashes.

To achieve the desired curl, silicone rods and special formulas are used. They enable changing the shape of natural lashes. These non-invasive methods affect how the natural eyelashes are shaped.

How long does eyelash lamination with a lash lift take? It’s a fairly quick process, which can be performed in 60 to 120 minutes without much hassle. It all depends on the lashes you have, as well as the lash lamination kit you choose. With more skills, it may take a little less time, but it is advised to perform everything with as much care as possible.

You can get the lash lift and lamination done in a beauty salon or carry it out on your own. The second option is a chance to save quite a bit of money. Nevertheless, to perform it yourself you need a professional lash lift kit for home use. This ranking comparing the most popular products should help with choosing it.

Lash lift kit – ranking of the best kits

Having a professional lash lamination kit for home use, you can perform the treatment completely on your own. You won’t even need the help of a friend. This saves a considerable amount of money you would have to pay at a beauty salon otherwise.

The following ranking is based on the most important factors from the perspective of female users. These include the price, the effects, the difficulty of application, the time needed for the lash lift, as well as the formulas of different products. In this way, choosing a kit for DIY lash lamination will certainly be easier.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

nanolash lash lift kit

The ranking opens with a product from the Nanolash brand. This at-home eyelash lamination kit is a complete set that will allow you to perform the lash lift and lamination at home. It contains all the materials and accessories needed for the treatment. It includes: 

  • 10 sachets of 0.5 ml each of Lift formula,
  • 10 sachets of 0.5 ml each of Fix formula,
  • 10 sachets of 0.5 ml each of keratin booster,
  • lash lift glue,
  • silicone rods,
  • lash lift combs.

The contents of the lash lift kit from Nanolash have been designed to last for as many as 10 applications. This makes it a product that will last for many lash lifts and save even more money in the process.

The lash lamination kit from Nanolash is positively distinguished by its price. Purchasing it is not a big expense, considering that it lasts for so many applications. Thanks to this, it allows you to save really a lot on beauty salon appointments.

The durability of the effects is also noteworthy. They last up to 8 weeks after the application. At the same time, they are really stunning. The lashes become noticeably curled, thicker and fuller. As a result, they highlight the eyes perfectly. The natural ingredients, including various oils, ensure the lashes are extremely nourished and shiny at the same time.

2. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

The Lash Lift kit from the Elleebana brand is a higher-priced product. The bigger cost also goes hand in hand with the number of possible applications. The entire kit can last for as many as 15 to 60 applications, provided they are performed one after another. What else distinguishes the lash lift and lamination kit from the brand? 

Among other things, the Lash Lift Kit from Elleebana is distinguished by its application time. It is very short at just 20 minutes, ensuring you can care for your lashes in a matter of moments. The product also comes with a simple and very comprehensible instruction manual. As a result, any woman can perform the lash lift and lamination, even if this is her first time with these treatments. 

Elleebana unfortunately does not provide the exact formulas of its products. The only thing we know in this regard is that all elements of the kit are formaldehyde-free. What exactly forms the Elleebana Lash Lift Kit? Inside, there are 15 pairs of sachets with activator and neutralizer, glue with brush, silicone rods, metal applicator, a brush, foam remover, and an illustrated instruction manual, which will allow any woman to perform a lash lift without any problems.

How long does the effect last when using the kit from this brand? In the case of eyelash lift and lamination with products from Elleebana, the effects can last for up to 8 weeks. Due to the large number of possible applications, this is a frequent choice for women who do not want to perform the lamination at home, but at their beauty salon.

3. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

The next place in the ranking goes to the Eyelash Lift kit from RefectoCil. This product comes in a handy makeup bag, which can be useful later for storing other cosmetics. The kit consists of 3 pairs of reusable silicone rods, tubes needed for the lift and lamination, glue, mini bowls, and brushes, as well as an eyelash lifter.

Other than that, the kit provides practically the same as the competitors. Its contents are sufficient for up to 36 applications. The silicone rods are reusable and come in several sizes, and allow you to adjust the level of curl. The smaller they are, the stronger the lash-lifting effect.

The kit also makes it easy to tint the lashes quickly with the intended tint. The advantage is that you can save time this way. The lash tint from RefectoCil, due to its formula, will not stain the silicone rods, but you need to rinse them with water after the process. What’s more, it must not be applied for more than 2 minutes. 

4. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

Another kit that allows you to lift lashes at home is the Fleeky product. It can be purchased in two sizes. It is available even in popular drugstores. The basic kit provides enough products for 2 to 4 applications. When you buy the Maxi Kit, you can expect it to last for up to 5 to 10 applications.

As with other kits that allow eyelash lift, the effect usually lasts up to 6 weeks. The entire kit is dermatologically tested and fits lashes of any length. All the products inside this lash lift kit are also vegan and eco-friendly.

The Fleeky Lashlift Kit makes it easy to tame even very unruly eyelashes. This is facilitated by the combs and convenient picks included in the kit for applying each product.

5. Thuya lash lift set

The lash lift and lamination kit from Thuya is the fifth set in this selection. It is remarkably similar to the previous 4 in that that it provides three types of eyelash products and accessories.

Lash lamination at home with this set is performed using silicone rods, permanent gel, liquid neutralizer, and lash lift glue.

Depending on the condition of the eyelashes, the effects are noticeable for 6 to 8 weeks. Importantly, in addition to the visible curl and lift, the kit also provides darker and nourished eyelashes.

6. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

The penultimate kit in the ranking comes from a less renowned brand MIYA LASH. The Keratin Lash Lift Kit is a product that enables a simple and quick step-by-step lash lift. The included instruction manual will help along with all the necessary products and accessories for lifting and laminating eyelashes.

Following the lash lamination, the effects last up to 6 weeks. Its advantage is that all products come in handy bottles. The kit receives good reviews among women who decided to try it, also due to the fact that their eyelashes appear not only longer, but also fuller.

7. Zola Protein Reconstruction System – brow lamination and lash lift kit

The seventh place in the ranking belongs to one of the least extensive sets available on the market. This is because it is not a traditional kit that allows you to laminate your eyelashes. What does this mean? In the case of this set, there are no silicone rods, sachets with formulas needed for the lash lift, or dedicated applicators. Instead, there are 3 numbered tubes in the box, which act as applicators themselves

Protein Strong Lifting is number 1 in the kit. This is a product that allows the hair cuticles to open up and the nourishing ingredients to penetrate the lashes. The number 2 step is Protein Fixer. It creates new disulfide bonds in the hair, thereby allowing it to fix them in the desired shape. 
The last product is Protein Care. Its task is to nourish the eyelashes.

The whole kit from the Zola brand is quite unusual. It doesn’t provide as long-lasting results as its competing kits with silicone rods designed for at-home eyelash lamination. Its advantage, however, is even easier application.

What to follow when choosing the lash lift and lamination kit for home use?

Of course, there is no such thing as a universally best lash lamination kit. The ranking should be considered as a support in making a decision. When choosing the set, it is best to be guided by the price, the number of applications the kit enables, the formulas of the products, and the time needed for the complete lamination.

In addition, it is worth checking out the reviews of women who have already used a particular lash lamination kit. First-hand information about the effects, their durability, the difficulty, and time needed for the lash lift is much more valuable than information from the manufacturer. 

Despite the differences, all at-home lash lamination kits allow you to achieve the desired results without visiting a beauty salon. However, you should keep in mind that their durability is sometimes lower and may require more frequent repetition to continue to enjoy the effects.