Methods for strong lashes. Be beautiful always.

Beautiful eyelashes are the eye’s best decoration – without them, no makeup would be effective. If we take good care of them, we will be able to enjoy their beauty every day, regardless whether we use mascara or not.

Many women skip eyelash care because they think that the hair around the eyes does not need any support. After all, they cannot become frizzy or split like hair on the head, which is why they do not require the use of a serum. Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

In fact, eyelashes are exposed to the harmful effects of many factors on a daily basis. That includes the blazing sun, toxins, cosmetic treatments (yes, they can also be harmful if improperly performed). Eyelash extensions are seemingly improving the appearance of eyelashes, but in fact, they are very harmful and – often accompanied by irritations. What’s more, after removing them, the natural lashes are definitely weaker.

Why do lashes fall out? What weakens them?

First of all, the potential for growth decreases with age. Eyelash bulbs lose their vitality and it is becoming difficult for them to maintain proper hydration. Unfortunately, this often happens sooner than later, because we contribute to weakening the condition of these small hairs Рdeforming them with an eyelash curler, using old mascaras, weighting with false eyelashes, irritating with synthetic eyelash glue, and even through unhealthy diet.

How to strengthen lashes?

There are different ways to have strong eyelashes, and the choice depends primarily on how much they are damaged at the beginning. It is also important what effects we expect – determining the expectations will help choose a product that works adequately intensively.

At the beginning it is worth:

  • getting rid of all expired mascaras,
  • changing your makeup remover liquid to a milder one,
  • giving eyelashes a rest from extensions,
  • introduce zinc and silicon-rich products into your diet.

This is not all. The most important is nutrition of eyelashes from the outside, in other words, the use of a professional eyelash serum. A few-week treatment is enough to visibly strengthen, nourish and even lengthen eyelashes. In fact, the effects of applying eyelash serum may be different in other people, yet it is still the best way to obtain strong eyelashes.