Does eyelash curler harm lashes? Safe ways of obtaining coquettish look

There are publications confirming that an eyelash curler is a wondrous tool gifting lashes with perfect look. The other state that usage of such accessories can significantly influence state of our lashes in a negative way. Does eyelash curler really harm lashes?

It was invented a long time ago to give lashes with the desired shape. How does an eyelash curler work? This is a simple beauty tool which aim is to, as it’s easy to foresee, curl lashes. A classic eyelash curler resembles small scissors, however, instead of blades, it has an arched end which clenches at the lash base. Modern eyelash curlers can be divided into:

– mechanical eyelash curlers (as described above),
– electric eyelash curlers (use heat to fix the effect).


It’s hard to give a clear-cut information on that issue because it all depends on the primal state of eyelashes, type of an eyelash curler, frequency of use as well as the way we wield this tool. The truth is, the state of our eyelashes can be influenced even by the smallest mistakes we make like, for example:

– using an eyelash curler to lashes already coated with a mascara,
– neglecting to replace old eyelash curler rubbers with new ones every two months,
– using an eyelash curler without extra cushiony lash pads,
– using an eyelash curler made of low quality materials,
– improper use of an eyelash curler by, for example, clenching the tool higher than eyelash base.

In theory, such minor breaches shouldn’t have any impact on eyelash condition. However, hair surrounding eyes is delicate enough to be damaged just by single use of an eyelash curler (e.g. when we put too much pressure on clenching the edges of the tool). How should we use an eyelash curler? Gently, by following the instructions for use and not too frequently. Otherwise, we are going to learn the adverse impact that an eyelash curler might have on our lashes, which is:

– broken or prone to brittleness eyelashes,
– weakened eyelash bulbs which translates into excessive eyelash loss,
– growing at angle and unnaturally curving lashes.

The best solution would be to completely resign from using an eyelash curler. This option is double tempting especially when we realise that cosmetic market offers the abundance of mascaras of eyelash extending and curling features. Undoubtedly, it’s wiser to limit the factors that work to eyelash disadvantage. There are plenty of other methods for curling lashes and providing them with the desired shape. For example, we can turn to home methods of eyelash strengthening such as applying castor oil or petroleum jelly. However, it’s believed that eyelash serums deliver even better results, and these beauty products can:

– reinforce eyelashes from their bulbs to the tips,
– speed up natural eyelash growth processes,
– keep moisturisation and nourishment at the optimal level,
– protect lashes from destructive factors,
– boost eyelash thickness, curl them and darken.

Nevertheless, before choosing the most appropriate beauty product, find out whether a particular eyelash serum is the best one; if it contains the greatest number of nourishing substances and if its formula is natural. After all, beauty and health of our eyelashes rest with us.