What’s the Best Face Cleanser for Flawless Skin?

Daily face cleansing is a crucial step in everyday skin care routine. It opens up the pores so the skin can breathe. Unfortunately, the choice of cleanser isn’t as easy as it seems.

What makes face cleansing so important?

The skin picks up a lot of dirt and dust during the day, plus it often produces too much oil. This is an obvious reason for cleansing it thoroughly. Only clean skin is able to absorb conditioning ingredients. Also, clear skin is less likely to break out. Irritation and inflammation are often caused but not caring for the skin properly before sleep.

Your cleansing routine should focus on removing all dirt thoroughly. Don’t leave any make-up residue! If you see it on the face in the morning, this means you must change your cleanser or cleansing method.

Water or water-free?

Many people give up on water thinking that micellar water or other make-up remover is enough but this doesn’t guarantee spotless skin! This may actually lead to pimples and irritations. If your skin doesn’t tolerate tap water, use bottled water for a wash (at least three times a week).

Which cleanser to choose?

Your cleanser must be customized to your skin type but also to your preferences. The best cleansers remove dirt as well as condition the skin, without making it dry. Plus, they should be formulated without substances like synthetic aromas. Dehydrating substances damage the protective shield of skin so it starts producing too much oil.

What to use for the ultimate face cleansing?

  • Soap is quite common but it often leaves skin very dry. Still, let’s remember that different soaps give different effects and there is one type worth your pick. Natural soaps, like Aleppo or others based on butters and vegetable oils, give the best effects and are gentler on skin. Therefore, they are particularly recommended for problematic skins.
  • Syndets are growing in popularity. These detergent bars are similar to human skin as far as pH goes. They are ideal if you like hard soaps and work gently. Make sure your syndet is free from unnecessary additives.
  • Gel cleansers are top picks based on synthetic detergents. Still, mild cleansing agents are getting more popular so you don’t need to worry if your skin is sensitive. While shopping, check the gel’s effect and ingredients, not the aroma or color.
  • Micellar water cleanses the face, including the eyelids, without water. Choose one formulated without synthetics.
  • Oilbased cleansers are mild and effective, working great for any skin. They easily come off the face not leaving the greasy feel or clogging the skin pores.

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