The world of cosmetics. Do not accept a compromise: check before you buy

There are cosmetics that – carelessly bought – bring disappointment and even work at a disadvantage for hair or skin. In order to protect yourself against a shopping failure – find out which products are worth checking first, what to do when choosing them and how to assess their quality.

Eyelash serum – verify rankings and reviews 

To buy a good eyelash serum, it is worth checking which one is the highest in the rankings and which one is most recommended by other women – their positive opinions indicate that it is an eyelash serum that works best. Why shouldn’t it be a random product? Because, firstly, we use it on the delicate skin of the eyelids, and secondly, it usually costs a lot – so be sure to pay for a serum that is effective, efficient and top-quality.

Hair oil – verify its composition 

Hair oils have become very popular because they perfectly take care of the hair. The best ones are able to strengthen the roots and increase hair growth, and also, take care of the scalp. To buy the best hair oil you need to first, g to know its composition. Bear in mind that most of the oils available in the drugstore are far from ideal: they contain alcohol, silicones and a number of comedogenic substances. A good hair oil is the one that only has pure, cold-pressed oils or a mixture of them. It’s even better if it also contains other hair care substances (keratin, lanolin, vitamins).

Lipstick and foundation – verify their colour in daylight 

The fundamental mistake made by women: the purchase of a foundation and lipstick via the Internet (unless it is a well-known and proven colour). The colour that appears on the monitor may differ significantly from the actual one (similarly to the shades in the cosmetic catalogues). So how do you choose a foundation or lipstick? You can either ask a salesperson for a sample or apply it when shopping in a drugstore and check the colour in the daylight: how does it look on the skin, does it fit our undertones, or is it a longlasting cosmetic? Everything counts, everything matters. After all, we use the foundation every day, and the lipstick…must be flattering.