Eyelashes on a diet! – can weight loss contribute to lash loss??

There are many factors that have a negative influence on the condition of your lashes. Those include not only weakening lash treatments, inappropriate use of an eyelash curler but also an unhealthy diet. Can weight loss contribute to excessive lash loss? 

Hair is the barometer which indicates when something bad starts to happen in our body. It is worth remembering that eyelashes are also hair, so they can fall out excessively and weaken when our body is weak or when we are sick. Studies have shown that even a seemingly harmless fever can have an effect on eyelash loss because the bulb weakens when exposed to higher temperatures. The same will happen when there are not enough nutrients supplied to the body to enhance eyelashes.

What can happen to our lashes when we are on a diet?

They will also go on a diet that certainly will not have a positive effect on their health. When they run out of zinc, silicon, iron, biotin, vitamins A and E, omega fatty acids, they will start to crumble and fall out in excess. Their growth potential will decrease, which may result in fewer, shorter and thinner hairs. It turns out that a restrictive diet can cause not only weight loss, but also lash loss.

How to strengthen lashes during a weight loss diet (and not only)?

One should not underestimate the fact that starting a weight loss diet also affects the condition of your eyelashes. What to do? It is worth reaching for cosmetics that will be an additional source of essential nutrients. There are two ways to strengthen eyelashes:

1. Use eyelash serums

This is the best option due to the remarkable effectiveness and well-composed substances responsible for reinforcing and boosting lash growth. Even though the application must be repeated every day, it’s not troublesome! On the contrary, using an eyelash serum is quick and easy. All you need is a few months to regenerate your lashes, increase their growth, thickness, improve elasticity, strengthen and ensure a proper level of moisture.

2. Applying oils to lashes

This is a natural alternative to the use of specialized cosmetics, which is, unfortunately, less effective. Natural oils such as castor oil (recommended as the best oil for eyelash growth) are more difficult to apply to eyelashes, they do not work so deeply. The effects of applying oils to the lashes are noticeable, but not so intense.