What cosmetics should you take for vacations?

They must protect against sun, moisturise skin, condition hair and beautify you when you spend time on the beach or on hiking. Those are qualities that cosmetics you take with you for summer vacation should have. However, you will not take an entire chest of products with you. Let’s see what you should pack to your vacation cosmetic bag.

vakationEssential will be dry shampoo. This cosmetic fits every travel bag and is able to take care of your hair in a short time. You just need to spray hair with it and then thoroughly comb them. Dry shampoo extends freshness of your hair style, absorbs excess sebum and prevent oily hair and scalp. You can use it whenever you feel like it, even on the mountains trail. Quite good is Freshhair dry shampoo from Kevin Murphy. It smells like coconut and pineapple.

While being on vacation you have to take care of face skin. You will need BB cream. Such cosmetic can perfectly replace foundation, moisturising cream and protective cream with sun filter. What is more, it consists of beneficial for skin nourishing ingredients. It provides natural effect, makes skin complexion even, maintains proper level of hydration in skin and protects it against harmful factors from external world. By many bloggers recommended is BB cream from Garnier.

For skin and hair care you should use some mist. It can be used as a perfume or even body balm replacement. You just have to spray with it face, body and hair to feel truly fresh. On top of that, mist contains moisturising, cleansing and cooling properties. Use it at every time of night and day. In the summer try mist with cactus and ginseng from Kiehl’s.

For evening cleanse use Aleppo soap. This cosmetic is brilliant and very durable, so perfectly cleanses skin and you do not have to be afraid that it will be damaged during the travel. Aleppo soap consists of lauric acid with anti-bacterial and soothing properties. Did you know that you can use this product for hair wash?

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