Vit C-Enriched Beauty Products: What are the benefits of treating the skin with ascorbic acid?

The latest studies proved that a large majority of women doesn’t use any skin care products containing vitamin C. Other studies showed that apart from consuming the food products to supply the shortages of ascorbic acid in our bodies, this essential nutrient should be also applied to the skin. Why? Because vitamin C is able to free you from pigmentation spots, wrinkles and even acne. The good news is that vitamin C is added to various creams, face serums, masks and scrubs, which means that you don’t have to put much effort in finding such cosmetics.

Beauty products with vitamin C – Who should use them?

Although all skin types tolerate vitamin C remarkably well, its effectiveness is strictly connected with the concentration. The beauty products enriched with this essential nutrient work best when this vitamin concentrate takes up 20% of the entire product. Depending on our needs, it may appear that this concentration is too high – then the skin gets red and irritated. In order to prevent this adverse reaction, it may be better to start from a cosmetic that is formulated with less vitamin C concentrate.

Even though vitamin C has numerous applications in the field of beauty, we reach for it mainly during the spring and autumn. It’s also a well-known fact that vitamin C boosts our immune system and is also incredibly useful in household chores. Additionally, it deals with dry skin patches and irritations, evens out skin tone and improves skin resilience. Thanks to vitamin C our organisms restores its vitality faster.

The properties of cosmetics enriched with vitamin C

The role of vitamin C is prominent. Many producers know this fact therefore they launch various skin care product enriched with ascorbic acid so we can enjoy all its benefits. What skin care products contain vitamin C? For example, nourishing day creams, skin brightening products, facial toners, mists and many, many more. Apart from this, vitamin C can be also found in night face serums and various powder cosmetics. Even some makeup remover wipes happen to be enriched with ascorbic acid.

Many researches proven the positive effect of vitamin C on skin. How to find a skin care product formulated with vitamin C? In most cases, such cosmetics’ labels feature an eye-catching “Vit.C” inscription.

Vitamin C face serum

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular skin care products available on the market. Everybody went crazy about vitamin C face serums and there is a reason for that. A quality Vit. C face serum helps all skin types to improve their appearance and reveal healthier-looking complexion. No matter if your skin is mature skin or acne-prone, vitamin C face serum will get you nice-looking skin.

Regular use of vitamin C face serum produces many positive effects that become visible almost the moment the product is applied to skin. What can you expect to achieve? For example, significant skin tone improvement. Over time vitamin C face serum is able to delay ageing.

Face creams and masks with vitamin C

With these products, you can expect the skin to remain nourished, smooth and moisturized. Additionally, such product is able to shield us from the harmful UV rays. It’s worth realizing that a face cream enriched with vitamin C can be used as a replacement for a regular makeup base or a nourishing night face mask.

Vitamin C face creams and masks can be either water-based or oil-based. The former penetrates skin quickly delivering an immediate skin brightening effect. The latter in turn refines skin’s texture and ensures even complexion. In general, face creams and masks often contain other substances that play in tune with ascorbic acid. Among the numerous skin care products, it’s worth looking for those containing sea algae and green tea, for example. These natural ingredients ensure well-rested face.

How does oral supplementation of vitamin C influence our looks?

Recently it has been also proven that oral vitamin C supplementation doesn’t have much influence on our physical appearance. Therefore, if you want to improve the skin with vitamin C, you must apply it directly to skin. What are the benefits of treating skin with vitamin C cosmetics? Firstly, ascorbic acid is a highly effective antioxidant. This means that it helps us age slower. Secondly, vitamin C reduces pigmentation spots and makes the walls of blood vessels stronger. The list of vitamin C benefits on skin is far longer, therefore daily beauty ritual shouldn’t lack this essential nutrient.

It’s also recommended to reach for the natural sources of vitamin C and follow a well-balanced diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables. The most common sources of vitamin C are: lemon, tomato, grapefruit, strawberry, broccoli, brussels sprout and even pepper.

Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency

When the levels of vitamin C in the body are low, this may have a serious consequences on our health. For example, our body’s defense mechanisms don’t work the way they should. Also, you may feel constantly tired and suffer from the lack of appetite. Additionally, the shortages of ascorbic acid have a negative influence on bones so they break easily. Even wounds need more time to heal up in the case of vitamin C deficiency.

With all that being said, using beauty products enriched with vitamin C bring you numerous benefits. Apart from that, it’s also a good idea to make use of the natural sources of vitamin C to enjoy flawless skin and good health.

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