Things you didn’t know! Facts and myths about an eyelash serum!

Eyelash serum: myths about it grow in direct proportion to its popularity. Opinions about eyelash serums can be very mischievous. Is it true that eyelashes can fall out after using such a product? Do they really grow so long and dense that they can be cut with scissors? Are those true or false statements? Today, we present facts and refute myths about eyelash serums.

What is an eyelash serum? 

Eyelash serum is a colourless and (usually) odourless serum responsible for boosting the growth of eyelashes, thickening and strengthening the bulbs. Its main task is to lengthen, darken, curl eyelashes and make them grow more. Eyelash serum has a tiny brush, similar to eye-liners. With it, we apply the serum on the eyelid just behind the eyelash line and wait until it penetrates under the skin. The best eyelash serum is able to absorb in just one moment – this way it will not run down the eyelid and will not get into the eyeball.


Eyelash serum – safe and ophthalmologist tested [FACT]

Before the serum reaches the market and goes on sale, it undergoes dermatological and ophthalmological tests. If used according to the recommendations on the leaflet, it should not have any negative effects.

It doesn’t matter what applicator the serum has [MYTH]

The applicator is an essential part of such a product. The perfect brush is flexible and precise, it prevents scooping too much serum, so the conditioner will not run down the eyelid.

The more often we apply the serum, the faster the lashes grow [MYTH]

Eyelash serum strengthens mainly the bulbs and a lot depends on the condition they are in and the growth phase of your eyelashes when starting the treatment. The regularity is much more important than the frequency – it is sufficient to apply the serum once a day.

Thanks to an eyelash serum, lashes grow up to twice as long [FACT]

Eyelash serum extends the phase of their growth, thanks to which more ingredients reach the bulbs, and eyelashes have a chance to grow longer, and thicker. Because even the dormant bulbs begin to work, you notice more lashes along the lash line.

Lashes will fall out if you stop the treatment with a serum [MYTH]

Eyelash serum extends the eyelash growth phase, but does not inhibit their life cycle. After you stop using the preparation, the anagen phase (growth phase) returns to the natural cycle.