The weirdest conditioning cosmetics and gadgets straight from Asia

Technology, innovation, advanced formula, high effectiveness – that is how you can describe Asian cosmetics. But that’s not all. Among Asian innovations you can also find a load of weird and truly surprising gadgets, which in no way resemble products for skin care. Pink, rubber, toy-like things with some odd shapes. We usually do not know how to use them and take them for tacky. What the truth is?

Asian cosmetics and gadgets for skin care ignite lots of controversy. They are mostly really original and vary in their colouristic from European standards. They are dedicated for performance of unusual treatments, that generally in our market are not known. However, they have a lot of followers who recommend Asian beauty gadgets as an alternative (to plastic surgery) solution for appearance issues.


Properties of pink mouthpiece, Face Slimmer, are expected to compensate for its strange look. Face yoga is very popular in Asia. On top of that, it is used more and more willingly in the Western countries. Face Slimmer is a silicon mouthpiece, thanks to which you can strengthen muscles around the lips and prevent wrinkles from appearing. You just need to place gadget in the mouth for three minutes everyday. For the exercise, say vowels out loud with the mouthpiece on.


Simple methods for even the most difficult problems are domain of Japanese. Nose clip is supposed to provide you with more straight and smaller nose in the non-invasive way. This nose beautifying gadget is available in various versions, even as a vibrating clip (for example Beauty Lift High Nose from Omni). Apparently the effectiveness of the clip for nose straightening can make you forgive its look.


Third place belongs not to the gadget, but Asian skin care cosmetic. It is placed in one category with gadgets, because have similar properties as them. Lactacyd White Intimate is a gel for intimate hygiene, which task is whitening of skin. On the other hand, Pinky Queen Top Pack is a product for ensuring even skin complexion of nipples and breasts. Japanese believe that the lighter skin the greater interest from the opposite sex.

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