THE BALM – Cosmetics in Retro Style for True Pin-up Girls

Beautiful girls from American 50s posters – sweet, sexy and cute – those are pictures used by The Balm Cosmetics on their products. For couple of seasons now uninterruptedly lasts trend of retro cosmetics, no wonder then, that cosmetics of The Balm take the market by storm. What does brand have to offer?

The Balm is one of the youngest American cosmetic brands. In USA it operates for about 10 years. The founder of the brand is Marissa Shipman, who decided to experiment a little with cosmetics in order to create line of products perfect for her skin. She read several guidebooks on creation of cosmetics and turned her kitchen into a lab, where she created her first classical balm (that’s where she got the name for the brand). After few successful attempts Shipman hired specialist, designed packagings and started production of cute The Balm products.

balmIconic retro cosmetics from The Balm

Cosmetics from The Balm successfully shows the way for similar products, and all of that thanks to exceptionally good quality of cosmetics and packagings in interesting design stylised on characteristic 50s. On packagings we will find beautiful pin-up girls or retro illustrations from books for teenagers from that time.

Retro stylisation of The Balm Cosmetics is not the only intriguing thing about the packagings, which refers to 50s. The brand uses also very original names, which have to reflect the personality of The Balm. The return to trends from few decades ago is the secret of the brand. The Balm is a mix of sexy, romantic, seriousness and defiance, and below we present few examples:

  • „Read my lips”,
  • „Down boy”,
  • „Prom Queen”.

Cosmetics of The Balm are products, which popularity is truly surprising. The greatest bomb of the brand is of course Mary Lou Manizer, i.e. iconic highlighter. Right after it the biggest sale has palette of three highlighters, The Manizer Sisters. Highly popular are also eye shadows and blushers (i.a. Hot Mama, Cabana Boy, Frat Boy), transparent powder Sexi Mama and eye shadows palette Nude Tude.

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