Review of Curling Pump Up Mascara from Lovely

For some time now, I’ve been looking for a cheap mascara with great properties. I prefer cheaper equivalents from expensive mascaras, because I think you shouldn’t overpay for a product, which have to be changed every three months. If something is cheap, but fulfils its job then it is a big plus! That is the case with Curling Pump Up from Lovely.

Curling Pump Up Mascara is one of those products, which have good reviews so we want to buy them. My Lovely Curling Pump Up I bought after shop assistant convinced me to do it at the nearest chemist’s. For a long time I’ve been wandering around the shelves with mascaras, I watched, read and at last some lady decided to help me in my decision. She convinced me to buy Lovely mascara, because apparently this is the best mascara for a low price. Its price was a plus side of this product.

PumpMascara from Lovely has standard yellow tube. It resembles very very much another mascara from this price range – Miss Sporty Studio Lash 3D Volumythic. And I’m not talking about only the packaging, but the comparison of both I will write another time. Lovely Curling Pump Up is a mascara with really small silicon brush, bended in a slight arc with bristle in different lengths. On one side it is a plus, because with small applicator it is easier to reach corners of the eye, but on the other side girls with long lashes might find it a bit annoying. For me this brush works, because I like well made silicon applicators.

Use of Curling Pump Up Mascara from Lovely is very pleasurable. As I mentioned, application is easy. What are the results of Lovely Mascara use? Firstly, gives great length. Secondly, curls lashes without eyelash curler. Unfortunately, does not thickens as well as manufacturer promised. In my case, it clumps lashes, even when I use small amount of the mascara. I read that it is a common issue with Lovely Curling Pump Up. I have my ways for this problem – after application I brush the lashes with a clean brush. After this, lashes look very natural and I avoid spider legs effect.

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