Proper eyebrow care – oil, serum or home remedies?

The shape of our eyebrows depends mainly on the way we pluck them. However, both thickness and colour are reflections of the current condition of the eyebrows. Healthy eyebrows are more beautiful. How to take care of them to have the best results?

In the past eyebrows were often forgotten – they were plucked and painted from the scratch. Today no one denies that eyebrows should be taken care of. Like hair, they need a set of vitamins and minerals to grow healthy and thick. If they are moisturised, nourished and regenerated, you don’t need many beauty treatments to make them look beautiful.

Before you choose a particular method of care, it’s good to know the basic rules of eyebrow care. How to do it right?

Eyebrow care – rules

Even though eyebrows are smaller and shorter than hair, they need just as many nutrients. It’s hard to provide all of the necessary vitamins in the diet, that’s why the daily care with the right cosmetics is that important. In order to make them thick, dark and beautiful, you should follow a few rules.

  1. Too intensively done make-up removal can destroy and brittle the eyelashes.
  2. A proper care matters as much as a proper diet.
  3. The use of nourishing cosmetics is important.
  4. It’s good to use natural products.
  5. Moisturise and nourish your eyebrows every day without any breaks.

How to take care of eyebrows?

Many women who realize that their eyebrows need some help face the dilemma of which cosmetic to choose. We can choose from natural care methods (oiling, applying petroleum jelly or masks from linseed, yolk or lemon) or professional cosmetics (serums, make-up primers, fixing gels).

The best for our eyebrows are eyebrow conditioners. Their cheaper version is castor oil, however, it’s good to check other methods to find the best cosmetic possible.


1. Eyebrow conditioner

The best idea is definitely eyebrow conditioner. Of course, not every product is equally effective but if we choose a well-composed and recommended one, we can be sure that it will quickly and permanently moisturise, strengthen and thicken our eyebrows. It’s important to use it regularly, which is not difficult thanks to it’s convenient applicator and runny formula. Generally, if we care about the best results, eyebrow conditioner is an option to be taken into account first. We will pay more but in return we will receive results that will exceed our wildest expectations. Beautiful eyebrows like never before? It’s possible.

2. Conditioning eyebrow primer

Some people prefer to take care of eyebrows during make-up. For reason they reach for special primers enriched with nursing ingredients. Applied before make-up, they work in two ways – facilitate and set the make-up as well as care for eyebrows throughout the day. Unfortunately, even the best primer can hardly bring as effective results as a conditioner. The care properties of such cosmetics are rather delicate, because they are only additions.

3. Castor oil

This is a winner when it comes to cheaper and natural methods of eyebrow care. It is used by women in different parts of the world. It enhances growth, thickens, darkens and strengthens eyebrows. Unfortunately, the effects are not immediate and are much less effective than with eyebrow conditioners. The application is more difficult as well due to the lack of applicator and very dense formula.

4. Petroleum jelly

In order to enhance growth, you can also make delicate massage. For this you can use petroleum jelly, which additionally moisturises, oils, and polishes our eyebrows. This one of the less popular cosmetics due to its poor effects. The use of petroleum jelly can be an additional treatment still.

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