Nanobrow Microblading Pen – The Most Recommended Brow Pen

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Nanobrow Microblading Pen – The Most Recommended Brow Pen
I bet all of you have heard of brow microblading, and many women seriously consider this painful procedure, as eyebrow tattooing seems to be the last resort for their sparse, thin, and barely-there brows. However, it turns out you don’t have to commit to the painful procedure and two years of tattooed eyebrows at all. The brow hairs can simply be drawn on. Especially there is a maximum precision tool that will make this task easier: meet Nanobrow Microblading Pen and create the perfect brow look without pain!

What is Nanobrow Microblading Pen?

It’s a special brow makeup marker; the only such unique product released in the form of a precision pen. Its tip is as thin as a feather and much more precise than a regular brow pen! It contains a pigment in the shade of your eyebrows and is waterproof. You can be sure your makeup will look perfect all day long and won’t wash off or rub off, even if you fancy swimming, exercising, or running! The Nanobrow brow pen comes in 5 lovely shades so you can easily choose one to match your complexion whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral. The innovative feature is that the tip allows you to draw very thin lines that resemble authentic brow hairs! Therefore, Nanobrow Microblading Pen will satisfy anyone who is meticulous and precise in their makeup. We guarantee that you will not achieve such effects with any other brow-styling product!

Nanobrow Microblading Pen

Product available in colors:

Nanobrow – a brow pen different from all others

Nanobrow Microblading Pen is unique because it is designed with high care. The ultimately thin and precise pen provides convenience, precision, and professional-looking makeup: it allows you to make your brows seem fuller with hair-like strokes resembling real brow hair! Nanobrow impresses with its easy application, high quality, and great natural-looking shades. This brow pen is:

  • superbly pigmented
  • multi-purpose to ensure you can create different effects in your makeup
  • thin tip allows you to draw precise and expressive lines
  • comes in beautiful shades, matching any type of beauty
  • is available in as many as 5 shades!
  • is easy to use, and the effects are phenomenal: this pen is a pro!
  • is waterproof, it can easily last all day, and even longer if necessary!
precision brow pen

What makeup effects does the Nanobrow Microblading Pen provide?

The pen makes your aches appear more voluminous and creates an effect that is rightly compared to the microblading technique: precise lines help you make your brows seem fuller. However, this is not the only function of this excellent pen! It also allows you to create the correct outline of your eyebrows to achieve perfectly shaped arches, define the tail more strongly, meaning to accentuate the tail of the eyebrow, and redefine the inner brow edge by adding some hair-like strokes there.

How to use Nanobrow Microblading Pen?

Nanobrow Microblading Pen is not at all difficult to apply: simply draw thin lines on your eyebrows where you would like to make them look thicker. If you feel like it, you can fill in the whole brow, or just select sections on your eyebrows. Feeling tempted by this exclusive product with a professional effect? Learn more about the product: