Facts and Myths: How should you take care of face skin?

There are plenty of stories about conditioning of face skin. Some of them are true, some totally made up and the rest contains just a scoop of truth. What and whom should you trust? Meet facts and myths about skin care of face and get to know what the truth is!

Do you always choose cream right for your age? If yes, then after reading this sentence you change your habits. Why? Age of your skin and your actual age are two different things. Skin condition depends on your life style. Often happens that young skin needs deep repair, because it is subjected to harmful external factors or was damaged by use of drugs, like cigarettes or alcohol. On the other hand, mature skin (beside anti-wrinkle skin care) needs no specialistic regeneration. And so, cosmetics should be chosen accordingly to the skin needs and how it deals with weather challenges or your habits.

skin careDo you think that young skin does not need protection against sun and wrinkles? That is, sadly, a mistake commit by many girls. Use of creams with sun filter is necessary both in the summer and in the winter. You just have to change the factor: in hot days use the highest – SPF 50, and in the winter try cosmetics with SPF 20. Do not forget about eye creams and anti-wrinkle creams. This type of skin care should be used when you are 25-30 years old. The sooner you start care about your skin, the longer it preserves its young appearance.

Do you have problems with skin care of oily and acne skin as well? Firstly, do not trust people who tell you that this skin type does not need hydration, and that imperfections can be defeated by use of anti-bacterial products. Secondly, change your skin care routine and try new cosmetics. Oily and combination skin should be systematically moisturised. This way you will regulate work of sebaceous glands and limit sebum secretion to minimum. For skin care of skin prone to acne use cosmetics dedicated for sensitive skin. Why? Products recommended for acne skin often contain alcohol or other drying substances. Those ingredients cause dryness, lead to secretion of larger amounts of sebum and creation of new acne changes. On the other hand, cosmetics for sensitive skin sooth irritations and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

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