Extraordinary Finish Touch in Every Stylization: Lashcode Mascara

Make-up does not exist without defined eyelashes, therefore a high-quality mascara is a must-have beauty product. The one that opens new eyelash styling possibilities. The one like the masterful Lashcode mascara, enriched with a set of vitamins and plant extracts. Can the product catch the eye?


Every woman has different expectations towards mascaras. However, there is one thing women see eye to eye on – the best mascara works flawlessly no matter the conditions and delivers an ideal eye definition.

This is the way Lashcode works – the first mascara that combines the ultra-black pigments, high-quality eyelash styling ingredients and the complex of caring substances, precisely applied thanks to a modern, elliptical wand made from finest-quality, hypoallergenic and damage-resistant silicone.


Lashcode allows for grading the effect for make-up that goes with the occasion. With the mascara, every woman can apply make-up like a professional, in a comfortable way, without worrying about the exaggerated effects or stuck-together lashes. It is the only mascara that beautifies the look with the silky formula without clumps or smudges on eyelashes and in the eye area.

Romantic curl – the perfect shape and size of the spiral wand lets you ideally coat, extend and define each and every eyelash with just one stroke of the applicator. The look is subtle, very feminine and fresh.

Evening volume – thanks to different lengths of the silicone bristle, you can reach the eyelashes in the corners of your eyes. As a result, lashline looks much fuller. The eye shape is defined and perfectly styled with next coats of the mascara.

Extreme thickness – layer by layer, the elastic wand – matching the eye and eyelash shape – coats lashes with the satin blackness and totally turns their looks over. Maximum thickening gives the effect of multiplied eyelashes.


The mascara contains lots of nutrients that gift it with the properties of an eyelash serum. Lashcode strengthens and nourishes lashes while you have make-up on. The mascara’s substances penetrate bulbs where they have a direct influence on eyelash growth, reinforcement and stopped lash falling out.

Sprout extracts – young soy and wheat shoots are rich in repairing and anti-aging substances that reinforce, moisturise and add elasticity.

Baicalin – Baikalin Skullcap extract is the source of flavonoids that create a microscopic protective layer on the surface of eyelashes and work as natural sun protection filter.

Panthenol – pro-vitamin that turns into vitamin B5 in the body. It strengthens, smooths, softens and provides lashes with shine and elasticity.

Vitamin E – an antioxidant substance, known as the vitamin of youth. The vitamin keeps delicate lashes healthy as it enhances the processes in cells.

Arginine – a natural amino acid, an effective eyelash moisturiser. It facilitates the absorption of other nutrients into hair follicles.


Captivating look defined by ultra-black eyelashes of multiplied length and volume? Lashcode is a mascara that enables transferring professional eyelash styling effects into the everyday make-up. It gives new possibilities to women who value eyelash definition most in make-up and cannot do without it. The product owes such a power to the precise wand, finest-quality components and maximally long-wear formula.

For more information about Lashcode products, go to the website www.lashcode.us

24 Comments “Extraordinary Finish Touch in Every Stylization: Lashcode Mascara”

  1. Michelle_4

    infallible mascara! definitely Recommend!

  2. Ruby

    must be a new arrival, I’ve never heard of it

    • Megan143

      I first saw this mascara on a blog and it got very good reviews

  3. MIA

    Had the possibility to use it for a week when my friend lend it to me and I’m absolutely in love. Certainly buy it although it’s not very affordable :D <3

  4. Rache22

    It looks like a very exvlusive luxury product and it is. Intensely-pigmented, matte black, long-wear and glamorous!

    • Moniq_Q

      it’s a shame, no brown version. I look awful in black mascara

  5. Wildrose

    Love at first make-up :)

  6. Vera@

    i wear lenses and many mascaras irritate me but this one is just great, it nourishes eyelashes well

  7. Sweetandbeauty

    definitely a must have!!!

  8. pearl

    sadly not for me. I’m not as wowed with the result, I prefer more “artistic” effect.

  9. Maggiegie

    I have lots of wariness when it comes to cosmetics that are praised everywhere but… this mascara is as amazing as they say it is. The effect of super long and dense eyelashes without clumping or spider legs never been easier

    • Miss.Lilly

      honestly I’m skeptical. I find it hard to believe that it is the only perfect mascara.

      • Maggiegie

        Just test it and I see for yourself

  10. Goddess

    it’s the true crown for every make-up- lashes so long and dense as if they’re false 😉

  11. Monica

    I haven’t found a perfect mascara yet, the one that would give maximum volume without sticking lashes together.

  12. Catherinee26

    lately my lashes were weak and fall out too much than usual so I decided to buy this mascara. I use it for just few days so no grand improvement should be expected but the effect is like I can’t believe it :D I wonder what it’ll be like when my lashes regain their best form :D 100% buy again :D

  13. Sallyy

    I liked the wand most. It leaves lashes separated even after a few coats. Besides, the mascara is extermely efficient and doesn’t dry out till the last use. The price can be a downside for some but it’s worth it.

  14. NCY

    what a beautfiul tube! :)

  15. DiDi80

    the best out of all mascaras that I ever had in my life and I tested quite a few since my first make-up.

  16. Agnes23

    Forever in my cosmetic bag :* <3

  17. ViVian

    Really great but I’m sure you can get similar effect with a cheaper mascara

  18. Matilde

    Romantic curl 😀 eyes look very lovely :D

  19. Minime

    the drawback is that you can’t get it in every shop and that means you can’t first try tester :/ I think I will have to risk and buy it without trying.

  20. good_morning_not

    I just ordered and wait for my mascara


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