Do You Also Make These Eyelash Care Mistakes?

Eyelashes are our pride. Hands down, there is no woman who doesn’t want to have beautiful, long lashes. Lots of women admit that they love the moment of applying a mascara – eyelashes become beautiful with just one stroke of a brush. Some of them say that a mascara is a beauty product they would take with them on a desert island. It proves one thing – eyelashes, their appearance and condition make us feel good about our looks.

Too bad, in this admiration for lashes, we often harm them instead of enhancing: there are still lots of lash care myths. Check if you make any of the mistakes.

The most common mistakes in the lash care routine

  1. Rubbing the hairs and skin hard while taking makeup off – it’s the key thing that you remove mascara and makeup build-up as precisely as possible but be careful not to get rid of a few lashes at the same time.
  2. Wrong mascara – we rarely check its list of ingredients but we should… strongly-irritative substances, included in some mascaras, damage our lashes and cause watering and dry eyes – we start rubbing the eyelids and… lose a few lashes.
  3. Lack of lash care. Many women think ‘I have pretty and thick lashes so there’s no need for nourishing them’. To be honest, the health of these tiny hairs can be affected even by the change of seasons. To keep the eyelashes strong and stunning, you must enhance them – a good lash serum is going to solve the problem.
  4. Not keeping the mascara wand clean – many women don’t like a fresh mascara and they want it to harden a bit. That’s why they don’t clean the brush (the mascara on the wand hardens most quickly). It’s a huge mistake – bacteria and make-up products build up on the wand and may ‘spoil’ the mascara. Such impurities aren’t going to enhance the appearance of your lashes.
  5. Applying castor oil to lashes. This oil is very thick and greasy. Applied to lashes, it easily gets into the eyes, causing blearing and poorer vision. It is suitable for the hair and eyebrow care. In lash care, a professional eyelash serum is a better choice.