Cosmetic SF: Conditioning LED face mask

Honey, oats, clay… Those are just some of the face masks types. Cosmetic market was lately complemented by a new face mask. Although, it immeasurably differs from well known products, it already gathered large group of followers, who thirst for beautiful and healthy skin. Today’s article is dedicated to LED face mask.

LED face masks are like an invention straight from the future. They look truly like from out of space and a bit scary. They apparently were created in co-operation with NASA. However, there is nothing complicated about them. They are really simple in use and very effective. Light therapy with LED resembles a bit treatments performed in the beauty parlours, where are used small devices with led head. One procedure lasts about 20 minutes and the entire treatment should last three weeks. After finished treatment, people who subjected themselves to led therapy noticed significant improvement of skin condition. Insensitivity and colour of light have influence on when the results can be expected.

ledWhat effects does treatment with LED face mask bring?

Skin becomes smoother, healthier and much more beautiful. Wrinkles are being eliminated, discolourations lightened and dark circles around the eyes removed. On top of that, acne and black heads are eliminated after few treatments, sebaceous glands are stabilised and skin shine – limited. Collagen production rises and skin regains firmness. If you care about great and fast results, you have to match LED face mask’s light with needs of your skin. And so: blue light treats acne, red light makes skin elastic and the pink light repairs epidermis.

Are LED face masks really that good?

Some claim that light emitted by the device is too bright, and that can cause eye irritation. Price of the product is also quite frightening – one LED mask costs several hundreds of pounds. Device is being controlled via special panel.

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