Beautiful & Functional Bathroom – Best Ways to Store Beauty Products

A beautiful bathroom – it means something different for everybody. Some of us dream about the spa and big windows whereas others want some elegant, fancy and golden decorations. Intense, daylight lamps matter for some; romantic, warm and relaxing light – for others. A good bathroom should have one key feature – functionality. Today, a few best ways to enhance the beauty in a … beautifully-decorated and orderly bathroom.

Why is it important to keep your beauty products orderly?

It’s not just about the visual side. Obviously, neatly-arranged cosmetics look nice but it is also about the practicality: many of them must be stored in a proper way. Otherwise, they will spill or get damaged.

  • Beauty products that must be kept in a vertical position: shampoos, conditioners, liquid products such as toners, micellar water, eyelash serum (a clear, runny cosmetic), body and face oils, liquid foundations.
  • Beauty products that don’t like the sunlight: natural oils and perfume – it’s best when you keep them in a vertical position and dark places to avoid oxidization and changed fragrance or properties.

1. Bathroom corner tile shelf

A tile shelf looks very neat and it’s ideally matching the bathroom design and color. It’s up to you if you put a beauty-product organizer, elegant perfume bottles or massage candles and essential oil warmers there.

2. A cabinet with large drawers

Cabinets with drawers crowd traditional cabinets out. Why? They make it easier for you to arrange beauty products and keep them under control. You simply open the drawer and see the entire content – none of the products is hidden by others. In a drawer you can place some trays or compartments. Perfect organization!

3. Bathroom accessories

Porcelain or plastic mugs? Vases, crystal bowls, fancy dishes for your jewellery or box with lenses. Thanks to them you can create a wonderful atmosphere in your bathroom. They should look nice, be within reach and protect your beauty products from spilling.