4 Top-Rated Brow Pencils For Long-Wear Effects And The Ultimate Comfort

4 Top-Rated Brow Pencils For Long-Wear Effects And The Ultimate Comfort

Finding the right brow pencil that prevents you from creating an exaggerated effect is not easy. Most women have to test many different products before they find the one that satisfies them with its performance and allows them to create fabulous effects.

Before choosing yet another random brow pencil, you should check out our top pics. We’ve created this top chart of the best brow pencils to help anyone unsure whether the product will actually meet her needs.

Maximum volume and perfectly filled-in brows? Or perhaps precise brow definition that lasts all day? Subtle makeup or maybe a stronger look for a special occasion? What brow look do you fancy today?

Here are the 4 top-rated brow pencils that work on all brow types, no matter your brow problem or the effect you’d like to achieve.

TOP 4 brow pencils that work wonders

1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil

brow makeup pencil
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This eyebrow pencil is undoubtedly a true favorite. Straight after the first application, you’ll know you’d never want to replace it with any other! The Nanobrow pencil draws ultra-thin lines and provides unbeatable precision. Fill in your brows with the color of your choice and create hair-like strokes if you struggle with sparse areas. The tip of the refined Nanobrow Eyebrow Pencil always has the perfect hardness to define the arches and even out the top and bottom brow lines. This brow pencil ensures you achieve a flawless and non-exaggerated effect you can enjoy all day long. The application of this brow pencil won’t cause you any difficulties. What is important, there’s no need to sharpen it as it’s retractable. Just slide the tip out of the case and create your brow look just the way you want. The formula of this top-rated pencil is velvety and glides smoothly on the skin. The Nanobrow pencil was created in four natural-looking shades: Blonde, Light brown, Dark brown, and Espresso. Which one would you choose?

2. BENEFIT COSMETICS Precisely, My Brow

Precisely, My Brow is a brow pencil equipped with a special built-in spoolie. With just a few strokes, you can camouflage any gaps and get the coveted definition. The product was created in eight shades to ensure you can find one that will be closest to your natural brow color. This brow pencil provides precise brow shape and allows you to mimic real brow hairs – satisfaction guaranteed! If you want the ultimate brow volume, you can reach for the Gimme Brow+ gel and use it along with the brow pencil to enhance the effect.


This retractable eyebrow pencil with an ultra-thin nib provides the definition you’ve always dreamed of. It works perfectly if you want to fill in your brows topically, to camouflage sparse areas. The ultra-thin tip of the pencil allows you to beautifully shape and style your arches. Fuller and voluminous brows in a few moments – it’s possible! The pencil’s formula is long-wear and waterproof. This brow pencil was created in ten shades. It is vegan and contains no animal-derived ingredients. Need a change in your brow makeup routine? Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Hiz ensures it will always be a change for the better!

4. DIOR BACKSTAGE Diorshow Brow Styler

The DIOR brow pencil is the answer to the needs of demanding women. It allows you to precisely define your eyebrows without any risk of creating a cartoonish effect. The extremely thin tip works perfectly when you need to fill in the gaps. The product was created in subtle and natural-looking shades. Diorshow Brow Styler is suitable for all brow types and helps you create fashionable makeup looks in a snap. Are you looking for a delicate brow definition? Or maybe it’s time for a bolder and more eye-catching look? With the DIOR brow pencil, it’s totally up to you!

How to use a brow pencil?

  1. Brush your brows upwards with the built-in spoolie.
  2. With the sharp end of the tip, fill in any gaps with quick, short strokes. This way you can build the coveted volume without creating an exaggerated effect.
  3. Remember to accentuate the bottom brow line and the tail a bit stronger while keeping the top line and the inner edge slightly blended.

That’s it! Take a look in the mirror!

What to pay attention to while choosing a brow pencil?

  • Shade – it should match your natural brow shade,
  • applicator – it should facilitate application and deliver the ultimate comfort,
  • performance – a good brow pencil should allow you to create exactly the effect you want.