Women’s opinions about Nanoil for medium porosity hair

opinions about Nanoil

Created for women, loved by women. Nanoil for medium porosity hair is one of the three versions that has stolen women’s hearts. Why does it get such rave reviews? Natural ingredients, tasteful bottle, perfect formula, competitive price and easy application.

Thanks to the innovative approach to hair care, Nanoil for different hair types is one of the most popular products among women. Nanoil hair oil competes with the biggest cosmetic brands. It is a more natural and better substitute for luxurious hair care products. Nanoils contain all-natural vegetable oils enriched with nutrients that our hair needs e.g. vitamins, keratin. The products are free from parabens, silicones and alcohols. The series consists of three products that work for different types of hair porosity:

  • Nanoil for low porosity hair (lacking volume)
  • Nanoil for medium porosity hair (frizzy hair)
  • Nanoil for high porosity hair (damaged hair)

Why revolutionary? Nanoil is the one and only hair oil that matches three natural hair porosity types. There is no other manufacturer that would use such detailed research on human hair structure to create a product. Nanoil makes women aware that there is a reason why our hair gets dry, brittle and distressed. The condition of our hairdo depends on hair porosity (the gaps in the cuticle layer). To put it simply, low porosity hair is the healthiest yet most difficult to style. High porosity hair is extremely damaged and dehydrated.

We decided to check women’s opinions about Nanoil for medium porosity hair. Cuticle scales are slightly raised in this hair type. That is why, hair gets dry, frizzy in contact with dampness, shine-less and quite problematic. Unsuitable care may worsen its condition. Women who have medium porosity hair know it perfectly well.


The golden oil dedicated for normal hair – neither totally damaged nor completely healthy. Most women have this hair type. Medium porosity hair resists styling. Its condition tends to get poorer.

What is the composition of Nanoil for medium porosity hair?

  • Macadamia Oil (extracted from macadamia nuts)
  • Argan Oil (Argania nuts)
  • Marula Oil (marula seeds)
  • Jojoba Oil (jojoba shrub seeds)
  • Maracuja Oil (passionfruit)
  • Coconut Oil (coconut pulp)

Six natural oils have been enriched by six additional ingredients that enhance the effects and add extra properties. These are: vitamin E, vitamin A, kerastim, baicapil, UV filter and silk.

What are hair benefits of Nanoil for medium porosity hair?


Weightless and non-overburdening formula is instantly absorbed, therefore works inside of hair as well. It provides hair with complex care and has a positive influence on the scalp.


Nanoil for medium porosity hair:

  • Keeps hair moisturised and locks in water.
  • Reduces excessive sebum secretion.
  • Improves the condition of scalp and nourishes hair bulbs.
  • Protects and repairs bonds in hair structure.
  • Seals cuticle scales.
  • Reinforces, prevents hair loss, stimulates hair growth.
  • Eliminates frizz: smooths and adds shine.
  • Reinforces natural protective layer.
  • Boosts gloss and makes hair elastic, from roots to ends.


Opinion tests among hundreds of women show that it is the best product for normal hair. Only Nanoil is able to solve the problems characteristic for medium porosity hair.

Easy application:

Everyone will handle the application of Nanoil hair oils – each of the three versions. Hair oiling is troublefree with such a product. The pump is so perfectly designed that it measures out an ideal amount of the oil. One can feel free to pick an application method, which turned out to be a huge asset. Nanoil hair oil can be applied to dry or wet hair, before or after washing/ styling, 30 minutes before shampooing or for the whole night. The oil works ideally for hot oil treatment because heat and moisture enhance its absorption.

Perfectly formulated:

Nanoil for medium porosity hair is appreciated by conscious consumers that value natural ingredients. The diversity of oils places the formula on the first position among competitive oil-based products. Although Nanoil is based on a blend of oils, it is easily absorbed, non-greasy and non-overburdening. Women agree that it is immediately absorbed and leaves a beautiful aroma if you apply a reasonable amount.


Women who have been testing Nanoil for medium porosity hair say it is the one and only hair oil that can fulfil all needs of this hair type. It works immediately yet the first effects of the treatment refer only to the improved appearance. Only regular use will bring complex repair and strength. Women confirm that 2-3 weeks are enough to enjoy stronger, repaired and thicker hair. Many women find it surprising that there is no need to use other cosmetics e.g. anti-dandruff, for hair growth or styling. Nanoil for medium porosity hair replaces all of them. It is a formula of maximum effectiveness.

19 Comments “Women’s opinions about Nanoil for medium porosity hair”

  1. Donna96

    In my opinion, it’s one of the best hair products out there! :)

  2. Veronica

    the scent is not one of my favourites but the effect on my hair is incredible ;)

  3. MaYka

    I actually like the scent because it subtle, I had one of the Indian oils once and the fragrance was terrible!

  4. Justine

    I love my hair after hair oiling:) I am using macadamia oil at the moment

  5. Mila

    I’ve been applying oils for a few years and used various oil. From my experience I can say that oil blends work best for my hair. For the past few months I am applying this version of nanoil and I am very happy with the effects, very good quality :))

  6. Dorothy27

    I do not recall any other products that would match hair porosity

  7. Elsa

    I have kerastase now but I am planning on purhaing nanoil next time once this one is gone

    • Agnes123

      Kerastase did not work for me at all:( it weighed my hair down. I’m curious what would happe with this oil

  8. Firebird

    It’s the first time I am reading about this oil and to be honest, it seems very interesting, I think I’m gonna buy it:D

  9. Natalie B

    I have this Nanoil and I agree that it’s very good. Before I thought that there was nothing better than coconut oil

  10. Marissa

    This oil helped me overcome hair loss and make my hair thicker. Its not cheap buy definitely worth buying. The effects are impressing

  11. Adaline22

    I have recently finished the bottle of nanoil for high porosity hair and the condition of my hair as improved significantly. Before my hair was damaged and weak. Now I will order the one for medium porosity hair because I want to maintain its good condition :)

  12. Katherine

    I had this oil but it didn’t work for me

  13. linda_blog

    I have been oiling my damaged and extremely dry hair with flaxseed oil and it helped me a lot! :)

  14. Ivy

    I saw these oil at my hairdressers’, I heard that they are very effective but the price rather high

    • Kay.

      That’s how much you have to pay for al professional cosmetics. Besides, original and high quality oils come at a higher price

  15. Lucy K.

    Loreal oil works great for my hair and I am sticking to that one

  16. Monica_89

    Indeed, the omposition of this oil is amazing! I can see my favourite oil in there ;)

  17. Nicole

    in general, oils are the best products for hair care, you just have to match them to your hair type


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