Summer Hit – Marble Nails. How to do that?

Marble nails are elegant, neutral and very original manicure. It was promoted by Kylie Jenner, and today creates popular and cooled trend. Cooled, because marble nails with use of neutral colours in a significant way cool down the stylisation. Does this year’s summer present itself in a less bright colours than few seasons back?

Marble nails are successors of mirror and furry nails. The pattern resembles marble or similar decorative stone and is expected to provide elegant appearance. This type of manicure makes us think of palace luxury and neutral colours. In fact, to perform marble manicure is used base white, grey or beige in combination with some touch of black and brown. Although, this is not a rule. Some photos of experiments with this trend show that there can be created beautiful effect of black marble.

header-water-nails2How can you perform marble manicure?

  • Method 1. First technique for marble nails is connected with use of plastic straw. Cover nail plate with irregular spots of nail polish in at least two colours. Then blow through the straw on the nail polish before it dries. The stream of air will mix spots in a very effective way and create pattern of smooth change of colour with marble effect. You should cover the entire nail plate with top coat or colourless nail polish once it dries.
  • Method 2. Second technique requires proficiency in use of stamp. Cover nail plate with base colour, for instance white or light grey and wait for it to dry. Then you will proceed to create marble patter with use of foil. Make a ball of a baggie or a piece of thin foil and cover created by you stamp with nail polish. When you get rid of excess product, stamp the nail plate with it. You can repeat this action with additional colour. After achieving satisfactory effect, cover nail plate with layer of top coat.
  • Method 3. Last proposition requires a lot more proficiency and manual skills. This time also cover nail with base colour and wait for it to dry. On prepared nail plate paint with use of precise brush a marble-line cracks and patterns. Lastly, cover nails with top coat or colourless nail polish to protect manicure.

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