NANOIL: Keratin Shampoo to Rescue Frazzled Hair

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Have you been worried about your hair recently? Does it seem to be weak, lose color, shine and strength? Do you think that the strands need some costly treatments to restore their natural beauty? A quick repair plan for damaged and dehydrated hair – does it even exist?

NANOIL micellar shampoo enriched with keratin is destined for frazzled, damaged hair to help you repair and moisturize it strand by strand. Keep reading to learn how to use this shampoo to restore the strength and good-looks to your hair almost overnight.

NANOIL Micellar Keratin Shampoo: How does it actually work?

The key task of this shampoo is to repair damaged, lifeless and dry hair. It visibly improves the fine and volume-deprived strands. Moreover, NANOIL keratin shampoo protects the hair from damage, makes the strands look more beautiful and leaves them incredibly lustrous. The unique formula is proven to be a rich source of proteins, precious fatty acids and micelles that help you win back full-looking and healthy hair. NANOIL keratin shampoo:

  • repairs frazzled and damaged hair
  • replenishes parched strands with water
  • cleanses the scalp effectively and gently

NANOIL Micellar Keratin Shampoo: What hair type is it destined for?

This micellar shampoo conditions the hair and cleanses it, is completely non-invasive and incredibly effective. This means that it is suitable even both for sensitive, fine and delicate hair as well as for the irritation-prone scalp. This shampoo deals even with oily and extremely damaged hair that needs a huge portion of hydration.

Moreover, NANOIL Micellar Keratin Shampoo is perfectly suitable to use it on both dehydrated and fried, normal and weak strands. The effect of deeply cleansed scalp and hair is achieved after just one use. This product easily removes product buildup, which is another huge plus to mention. If you want to replenish parched hair with water, then NANOIL micellar shampoo with keratin must find its place in your bathroom!

NANOIL Micellar Keratin Shampoo: What are the key ingredients?

  • micelles – deeply cleanse the hair and scalp. They remove impurities and product buildup that tends to accumulate on the hair. Additionally, this micellar shampoo is pH balanced, meaning it does not disturb the scalp.
  • liquid keratin – penetrates all the way down to reach the innermost hair structures in order to fix and repair damage. Moreover, it adds shine and improves the hair’s appearance by making hair more voluminous. Strands get smooth instantly.
  • castor oil – the finest oil to condition hair. Not only does it strengthen the hair but also is antiseptic. Thanks to castor oil the scalp is deeply nourished and replenished with moisture. Also, this oil is known for preventing dryness and seborrhea.
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NANOIL Micellar Keratin Shampoo: Directions for use

You can use this shampoo as often as you only wish to. For example, if your hair is oily, you can reach for NANOIL Keratin Micellar Shampoo every day without the risk of scalp irritation. Thanks to the precious micellar molecules, NANOIL shampoo leaves the hair perfectly clean. As a result, the strands are smoother, pleasant to the touch and full of healthy shine. Keratin is able to fill in the gaps that appeared on the hair shaft to reconstruct it during washing.

This shampoo lasts long and lathers well. If you want to use it, squeeze a dollop onto your hands and disperse on the wet hair. Massage the scalp, rinse the lather and repeat the procedure in case your hair needs an extra shampooing.

NANOIL Micellar Keratin Shampoo: Boosts the effects!

If your hair is extremely damaged and would use some extra support and reinforcement, you may give the whole NANOIL keratin hair care line a go. You can find there a hair mask and a bi-phase spray conditioner. See how your hair is winning back its lost vitality and stunning looks! Repair your mane at home and get the salon-worthy effects – NANOIL offers professional solutions for home use. See it for yourself and go to!