How to take care of blond hair?

Are you a lucky owner of long blond hair? If yes, then you should find out how to take care of them, what cosmetics to use and what you shouldn’t do. See for yourself if by now, you have been doing everything accordingly to recommendations of world famous hairdressers and hair stylists. Find out, also which tricks will help you gain beautiful colour and healthy hair.

blondUse of right products is extremely important

Cosmetics have to match hair in every aspect. In this case choose shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, which are dedicated for hair care of blond hair. Important is also what products for stylisation you use, i.e. mousse, hair spray and gels. Did you know that blonds should avoid products with proteins? Water for rinse should be soft, because hard water can cause dryness, discolouration and other damages. An easy solution can be montage of water filter or use of mineral water.

You are using unfitting ingredients

If you have blond hair or your streaks are in this colour, then you should avoid some substances. Be careful especially with sulphates, which can cause colour fading. On the other hand, great will be cosmetics with camomile. This ingredient highlights hair, but doesn’t cause hair going yellow. For conditioning of blond hair are recommended also products with olive oil and argan oil.

Treatment should be adjusted to needs of blond hair

Use highly moisturising cosmetics and natural ingredients. It perfectly works with avocado, argan oil and sweet almond oil. They will provide nourishment and strengthening, but also gloss and long lasting colour. Have you heard of egg mask? You should definitely try it, because it is highly nourishing hair mask. Remember about thorough hair wash after performed treatment.

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