Brow Lift – Which Kit For Brow Lamination At Home To Choose? TOP 5 Products

Brow lamination at home has finally become a reality! What’s more, with a good brow lift kit it is easier and faster than doing gel nails at home! Which eyebrow lamination kit should you choose? Which one can provide you with the best results? How do you know that this brow lift kit will not let you down? We have all the answers! Check out our ranking of the best brow lamination kits and discover the winner!

How to choose a good eyebrow lamination kit?

There are plenty of kits for professional brow lamination available on the beauty market nowadays. However, when choosing the best one for yourself, you should be guided by its reviews and ratings. Its performance and ease of use are also important. The brow lamination treatment at home should be quick and efficient! Of course, you should also choose laminating products that give satisfactory results and are safe for the skin. What is the best kit for DIY brow lamination at home? Below we rounded up the TOP 5 kits for an at-home brow lift, which, in our opinion, are top-notch products. Check them out and choose the best-rated and most recommended brow lamination kit!

Best at-home eyebrow lamination kit – TOP 5 products

1#. Nanobrow Lamination Kit

Price – low; costs as much as a single brow lamination treatment at a professional beauty salon
Efficiency – 10 to 12 lamination treatments
Ease of use – very easy and quick to use

The most recommended eyebrow lamination kit? This is the one! Nanobrow Lamination Kit is incredibly practical, works fast, and is very easy to use. It only takes 20 minutes for a flawless effect of beautifully styled eyebrows for up to 6 weeks! Nanobrow Lamination Kit contains all the products needed to carry out the complete lamination treatment and all the components are carefully labeled and numbered, so you always know exactly which product to use next and how long to keep it on your eyebrows! Nanobrow Lamination Kit is a powerful and convenient DIY brow lamination kit at a great price!

Where to buy the Nanobrow brow lamination kit?

You can buy Nanobrow Lamination Kit directly from the brand’s official website

2#. Thuya brow lift kit

Price – high
Efficiency – quite high
Ease of use – complicated instructions

Thuya brow lamination kit is designed not only for shaping the brows but it also tints them. Choose it if you are interested in achieving a brow lift effect and adding color to your eyebrows. The kit contains 12 sachets of fixing gel, 12 sachets of neutralizer, a special Pre-Smoothing Brow formula that preps and protects your brows, Argan Keratin brow tint, and a cream activator. That’s a lot of products that a beginner might not be able to handle quickly.

Where to buy the Thuya brow lamination kit?

Thuya’s brow lamination kit comes at different prices in Douglas or other major beauty stores. However, with this price tag, don’t even count on finding a bargain – the price of the Thuya kit is just very high.

3#. RefectoCil BrowLamination

Price – very high
Efficiency – maximum 8 treatments
Ease of use – difficult to use

The rather renowned RefectoCil brow lamination kit is widely recommended in beauty salons. The box contains everything you need to perform eyebrow lamination at home, including a small bowl and special eye pads to protect the skin. However, they are not very practical, as they are recommended mostly for laminating eyelashes, not eyebrows. Is this a good eyebrow lamination kit though? Certainly, it’s renowned, due to the popularity of the RefectoCil brand, but according to user reviews, it is not suitable for beginners. This is a professional kit for the brow lift treatment in the beauty salon.

Where to buy the RefectoCil BrowLamination kit?

You can buy RefectoCil BrowLamination in many online and regular beauty stores. It is worth comparing prices and choosing the most affordable option.

4#. Fleeky eyebrow lamination kit

Price – quite good
Efficiency – very poor as a lot of product get wasted because they come in sachets
Ease of use – quite complicated

This product in our ranking of lamination kits is listed as a fairly popular brow lift kit although that doesn’t put it in the first place, unfortunately. Fleeky’s brow lift kit is available in two sizes. Unfortunately, the product comes in sachets, each of which lasts for 2 treatments and must be used up within 24 hours after opening. Users find this very impractical, as no one usually needs a second brow lamination in such a short time. As a result, a half-used sachet is most often simply thrown in the trash.

Where to buy the Fleeky eyebrow lamination kit?

Fleeky’s eyebrow lamination kit may offer at very different prices in Sephora, Douglas, or Macy’s, so watch out for special offers!

5#. Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit

Price – high, but not the highest
Efficiency – average (up to 8 treatments)
Ease of use – you should be able to do it yourself

The ranking of the best eyebrow lamination kits also includes one by Elevate The Beauty. Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit is a comprehensive kit for laminating not only eyebrows but also eyelashes. Therefore, if you are only interested in a brow lift effect, this kit is not for you. The producer assures that this kit can be used at home to achieve more beautiful and fuller eyebrows. Although it is not the highest-rated brow lamination kit, Elevate The Beauty has received quite many positive online comments. Unfortunately, its efficiency isn’t very impressive: it’s enough only for up to 8 treatments. The effects last for 6 weeks. Is this brow lamination kit for home use the right choice for you? Our ranking indicates that there are more affordable and effective kits that can deliver better results.

Where to buy the Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit?

Elevate The Beauty for DIY brow lamination at home can be found in many beauty stores and online.

What does eyebrow lamination provide? Treatment effects

Brow lamination was invented to improve the look and condition of eyebrows.
It is aimed to provide eyebrows with a voluminous look even without makeup. As a result, you won’t have to think about their look at all for weeks – your eyebrows will look flawless at any time of the day or night. The treatment gives the eyebrows the shape you dream of and improves their texture, so you no longer have to worry about their appearance. In addition, lamination makes the eyebrows stronger: it makes eyebrows look fuller and more defined. There is no need to apply any makeup at all. Not surprisingly, lamination is referred to as a visual brow lift: it makes the eyebrows look fuller and the arches seem lifted. Besides, eyebrow lamination intensively nourishes brow hair and facilitates daily brow styling.

What NOT to do following eyebrow lamination?

It is recommended not to wet your eyebrows excessively for 24 hours following the brow lamination treatment, so put off the pool for some other day. Give up the sauna. Also, avoid rubbing your eyebrows hard while removing your makeup. On the other hand, you can apply makeup without any problems about 12 hours after the lamination treatment.