Bizarre yet effective ways of whitening fingernails

Discolourations on fingernails is that kind of a problem that touches plenty of people. And there is a really huge amount of factors that deteriorate fingernails’ condition. Some of them are because of applying dark coloured nail varnishes, cigarette smoking and using nail polish removers containing acetone. Naturally, we can try to make our fingernails look good again due to all the preparations available in drugstores and chemists. Yet, before exposing our fatigued fingernails to such preparations, it is worth reaching out for home remedies and say ‘good bye’ to all those unwanted spots of our fingernails.

Whitening action belongs to lemon juice. This natural substance is commonly used for lightening up skin discolourations, but it deals with nail plate imperfections equally effective. In order to perform the procedure, you will need a slice of lemon or just squeeze juice out of it. Rub the slice against fingernails using circular movements for several minutes. Such a treatment can be reapplied as often as you only want to. Be careful though to all the small wounds that tend to occur around nails. Be aware of the fact that lemon juice might cause stinging sensation and redness of these wounds.

How-To-Whiten-Your-Nails1Discolourations of fingernails can be also removed thanks to… a whitening toothpaste. The procedure reminds brushing teeth. You have to distribute a toothpaste on a toothbrush and start brushing your nails as if you were brushing your teeth. If the discolourations are obviously visible, start brushing a little bit harder and longer. Be careful enough not to damage cuticles and nails. Once the treatment is over, apply a moisturizing hand cream.

Moreover, whitening mixtures that include two ingredients are also an option for eliminating these dark spots from our fingernails. Mix lemon juice with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. The first mixture is recommend even for minor dark spots and weak fingernails whereas the second is designed for thick and strong fingernails. If your fingernails are rather rough then it would be better to resign from using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture. This kind of preparation can damage fingernails even greater. The mixtures has to be rubbed into nails using a regular toothbrush, and after that, treated with either moisturizing hand cream or nourishing oil.

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