Bioélixire Macadamia Oil – Oil Line for Hair Care

Winter is a terrible time for my hair. They loose all their expressiveness, and the reason for it are adverse atmospheric conditions and lack of vitamins, which I start to supply only in the spring with some spring vegetables. On the other hand, I have no one to blame, but my self, because I could protect my hair much better against freezing wind and humidity, e.g. by wearing a cap. But I don’t wear caps, so there is not much that can change. However, I can support hair regeneration after winter with conditioning cosmetics. My favourite are hair mask and shampoo Macadamia Oil + Collagen from Bioelixire. I tested them and today I am going to describe my impressions!

I’d like to start with few words on two ingredients introduced by Bioelixire in their conditioning cosmetics. Macadamia oil is a well known in cosmetology natural oil rich in unsaturated omega fatty acids and vitamin complex A, E and B. You probably heard about its strong moisturising and regenerative properties. I mentioned macadamia oil on my blog plenty of times and I always point out that it is one of the best oils, because of its easy absorption, rich composition and safe formula. Another ingredient in Bioélixire Macadamia Oil + Collagen cosmetics is collagen, i.e. protein responsible for elasticity strengthening of scalp and hair.

OilMacadamia Oil + Collagen Shampoo

Revitalising shampoo from Bioelixire is a cosmetic with double properties – firstly effectively cleanses hair and scalp, and secondly provides deep nourishment and sustains proper level of hydration. Hair after Macadamia Oil Shampoo are light, moisturised and much easier to comb even with fingers. Shampoo foams great, is efficient and has delicate and fresh scent.

Macadamia Oil + Collagen Mask

After shampoo comes time for hair mask with macadamia oil and collagen. Macadamia Oil Mask is a product for nourishment and strengthening of damaged and weak hair. Hair mask from Bioelixire should always be applied on damp hair, it administers well and should be rinsed after about 5 minutes. Effects are really great, because this thick hair mask with macadamia does not weight hair down, makes them silky smooth and soft and full of gloss.

Macadamia Oil + Collagen Dry Shampoo

The absolute novelty from Bioelixire is dry shampoo with macadamia oil and collagen. For me quite a surprise (and I think not only me) was combination of refreshing and regenerative properties with nourishment. Usually, dry shampoos clumps hair, makes them stiff and matt even after thorough combing, but not in case of Macadamia Oil Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoo from Bioelixire brings natural freshness, is very efficient (you don’t need much to cleanse entire hair) and adds volume.

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