Beautiful and well taken care of cuticles by Sally Hansen

Filing, painting, polishing and pushing back cuticles. That is how most women takes care of nail plate, fingers and hands. This conditioning will be much easier with three new products from Sally Hansen.

Before you will use cosmetics from Sally Hansen, you need to take care of nail plate. Remove old nail polish, file and polish your nails. Cuticles around nails push back with wooden stick. Remember, never cut the cuticles, because that may lead to skin irritation. On cuticles apply oil to soften them and make manicure easier. Pushing back cuticles should be repeated once a week, for the best look of your hands. Moisturising and softening cosmetics apply as often as you like. Thanks to them you’ll avoid dryness. When cuticles and nail plate will have proper shape move to manicure. Colours and patterns choose according to your taste.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab_5And what cosmetics has Sally Hansen prepared for us? First of them is Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil with apricot, sunflower and aloe oil and panthenol. b is recommended for softening of cuticles and nourishment of nails. It can be used on clean nail plate and then harden under UV lamp. Second cosmetic from Sally Hansen is Cuticle Eraser + Balm. This product contains moisturising, exfoliating and smoothing properties. It takes care of both cuticles and nails. Cosmetic consists of cucumber and white tea extract thanks to which it regenerates, nourishes and prepares nails for manicure. In Sally Hansen offer we will also find Cuticle Rehab, i.e. oil in pen. Thanks to narrow tip, cosmetic can be applied on even smallest cuticles. Product contains jasmine and rose extracts and has nice cucumber – melon scent. It improves condition of cuticles and nourishes nails; can be applied on painted nail plate – preparation is safe for manicure.

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