Bamboo Smooth Kendi: Good Oil for Frizzy Hair

Tangled and unruly strands are the problem of many women whose hair needs repair or lacks the right care. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil is a lightweight hair oil that has a fresh aroma of Bamboo shoots. How is it supposed to enhance the hair? Who is it right for?

Kendi Oil / Pure Treatment Oil has been launched by Alterna Professional Haircare – one of the best-known brands in the hairdressing world. Among the hundreds of products for professional stylists, there’s a place for the light hair-taming oil. Is this a promise that Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil makes a perfect fix for unruly and frizzy hair? Read on to find out.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth – Oil for Unruly & Frizzy Hair

Alterna Hair Oil is supposed to fulfill two tasks: work as a repair treatment and facilitate styling. Bamboo Kendi Oil focuses on defrizzing, increasing the shine and bringing the natural shade out. It works better as a styling primer cause it gives superficial effects, protects from the UV radiation and delivers basic heat protection. Used regularly, it can eliminate static and frizz.

Bamboo Kendi Oil’s ingredients have lots of hair benefits. Green Bamboo Shoot Extract and organic Kendi Oil are the main components. What’s more, the product contains eight other oils, including Grapeseed, Buriti, Jojoba and Maracuja, as well as plant extracts e.g. Carrot and Aloe Vera. Silicones have been included, too.

Who is Pure Kendi Oil Treatment intended for?

This simple oil’s going to do well with everyone. It’s designed for medium and thick hair. Surely, it gives best results on frizzy and unruly hair, deflating it.