Ayurveda power of hair oil Khadi Hair Oil, AMLA

Indian Nitai company is famous for cosmetics created accordingly to old recipes and mixes based on the philosophy of the East. Among many, company owns very prestigious cosmetic gamut endorsed by Khadi brand. These are ecological, deprived of synthetic ingredients, pure and free of parabens cosmetics, where the most important are natural oils. For the particular attention deserves oil mix with Amla, Bhringaraj, sunflower and almond oil. This cosmetic is dedicated for specialistic, deep regeneration and strengthening of hair. The oil can be used in hair oil treatment, because it is deprived of clogging and harmful substances.

Oils in the composition of Khadi Hair Oil are well chosen and balanced.

Amla oil – holds regenerative properties. It stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair bulbs. Amla oil should be choice of all of those who fight hair loss.

Bhringaraj oil – is another Indian herb, which is invaluable in hair care. It eliminates dandruff and regulates processes in skin, e.g. regulates sebum secretion. It will regenerate hair and strengthen hair bulbs.

Sunflower oil – consists of large amounts of essential fatty acids, like palmitic, oleic or linoleic as well as lots of vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth. It prevents cells from water loss, takes care of right level of moisture, smoothers and conditions.

Almond oil – is a source of vitamin A and E, that contribute to healthy growth and beautiful appearance of hair. Almond oil is very delicate, does not weight hair down and takes care of scalp. It holds an invaluable calming and soothing properties.

Khadi Hair Oil, AMLA has beautiful large bottle with simple, aesthetic shape and was locked with tall, elegant, golden top. Inside was placed 100 ml/3.4 oz of product, that is extremely efficient. Application of the product was made easier by the glass pipette hidden under the top. Furthermore, oil has quite intense, herbal – spicy scent, which unfortunately not everyone will like.

Khadi Hair Oil Amla is dedicated for all hair types, but it will be particularly liked by all damaged hair with weak condition, falling out and that do not want to grow.