All you need to know about TCA – Colouring Oil

Dennis Bernard is a professional brand of hair stylisation products, which in its offer has a Powertools line of cosmetics, and among them TCA – colouring oil. How does TCA Dennis Bernard work? What ingredients are in The Color Accelerator formula? Few informations about this product you will find below.

What is TCA?

TCA drops is a product used in colourisation and hair highlight, and it reaches 80s, when its properties were discovered. The Color Accelerator, as the name states, accelerates colour, and allow shortening of dyeing time with product of any brand by even 70%! TCA oil has many more properties – preserves colour on hair, eliminates fading colour effect and leaves hair silky smooth.

TCA.jpgWhat is the composition of TCA?

Colouring TCA drops are an innovative product from Dennis Bernard, which properties are based on three active ingredients:

  • mineral oil, moisturises, nourishes and makes hair glossy;
  • jojoba oil, retain water in hair, nourishes and softens scalp;
  • vitamin E, is an antioxidant protecting hair cells against damages.

Complex of two natural oils and vitamins is the best combination for hair, which during (and right after) colourisation need special moisture, nourishment and protection against external factors. The Color Accelerator has positive influence on colourisation effects – delays ageing process of hair, limits damage and hair loss.

How does TCA work?

TCA Dennis Bernard is a formula that slower decomposition of hydrogen peroxide deep in hair structure. Content of antioxidants in TCA oils support colour molecules during dyeing. The Color Accelerator also works in a positive way on hydrogen, which destabilises during the colourisation process, what can have negative influence on the colourisation. Stabilisation of hydrogen in the dye gives better results.

TCA oil has a complex action:

  • shortens colourisation time for about 2/3 of whole time,
  • lowers colour fading for about 95%,
  • accelerates highlighting/dyeing,
  • leaves hair silky smooth,
  • improves hair curl and its quality,
  • moisturises cells of scalp and hair.

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